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sophisticated, liquor-free, easy-going and smooth


Welcome to the website of the first booze-free bar in Berlin. We are super excited to have you on board! We are a community of like-minded conscious drinkers who are passionate about the variety of the alcohol-free drinks flavours. Just go for liquor-free, homelike and spacious. In the center of Berlin. We create bar experience without the booze and shape a new way of night lifestyle in the city. We offer a place to socialize without drinking alcohol but enjoying booze-free drinks. On our menu, you can find alcohol-free beer, dealcoholized wine and booze-free cocktails.

chill! liquor-free in Berlin.

Stop by and experience the new flavours of alcohol-free drinks by yourself. Take your best friend with you and go on a journey of alcohol-free beer discovery in our booze-free bar in Berlin. So, are you looking for liquor-free and sympathetic? Well, some people say that inspiring, restful or original pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also cool, charming or improvised.

funny? Some historic documents!

... takes a glass of Rhine or Moselle wine. This fancy is not justified. It is self-evident that the chronic alcoholism of medicine is always associated with the protracted immoderate use of alcohol, for as soon as we pass from this to the reasonable use of alcohol by moderate men there is no further special ...

But today it is more about liquor-free, minimalistic or prime. Take a leap to the liquor-free drybar!

liquor-free drybar in Berlin - nonalcoholic bar Berlin