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Not just for Dry January, we are a permanent alcohol-free bar in Berlin. We offer alcohol-free IPA, dealcoholized wine and a range of creatively mixed cocktails. Just go for liquor-free, wonderful and pleasant. In the center of Berlin. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about healthy lifestyle during the day and booze-free socializing experience during the night. We are the first place in Berlin where you can enjoy entirely alcohol-free drinks in a sophisticated bar atmosphere.

favourite! liquor-free in Berlin.

If you want to stay fit and alert and enjoy dealcoholized drink, our bar is just a right place for you. Drop by and taste a delicious booze-free drinks. So, are you looking for liquor-free and funky? Well, some people say that incredible, true or good pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also superb, comforting or yummy.

local? Some historic documents!

... bear the transitory disagreeable feelings and its effect is to eliminate their otherwise lasting impression. It is to assuage the persistent feeling of misery, then, that many a mentally defective or unfortunate person drinks, and for that purpose it is not alcohol that he uses, but alcoholic drinks. As a r ...

But today it is more about liquor-free, excellent or comfy. Take a leap to the liquor-free noliquorbar!

liquor-free noliquorbar in Berlin - nonalcoholic bar Berlin