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Welcome to the web-site of the first booze-free bar in Berlin. In a cosy atmosphere of a bar, you can enjoy signature drinks created by our bartenders. Dive into the savouring experience and inspiring conversations in an outstanding bar atmosphere. Just go for liquorfree, extravagant and contemporary. In the center of Berlin. Every night out in Berlin brings something different, but thereís always something fun and freaky about going on. And if itís something you think you could never do without a few drinks but we want to surprise you. We introduce you to booze-free nightlife experience with alcohol-free beer, dealcoholized wine and mocktails.

fun! liquorfree in Berlin.

Visit Zeroliq bar in Berlin when on a voyage of sober discovery. Have a look and just pass by and allow yourself to dive into the special chilled atmosphere, enjoy funky party vibes and like-minded sober people around. So, are you looking for liquorfree and romantic? Well, some people say that good, merry or recommendatory pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also unfamiliar, suave or commodious.

stylish? Some historic documents!

... astray. As a matter of fact, the nutritive value of beer is by no means small. A litre of Munich beer contains, in round numbers, 35 grams of nutritive material in the form of alcohol and GO grams of other nutritive matter. That means 95 grams of nutritious substances in a litre, and in four litres 380 gram ...

But today it is more about liquorfree, magnificent or beautiful. Take a leap to the liquorfree noliquorbar!

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