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Hello and welcome to our web-site. You might be interested in going out, socialising with friends but don't want to wake up with hangover next morning? You can have a look on our menu here and get some inspiration to pass by one day. Just go for noalcoholic, noble and sociable. In the center of Berlin. At our bar cocktails and all drinks are completely alcohol-free and incorporate hacks to produce the flavours you might expect from something stronger. Our good-looking bar and lounge has everything you expect from a bar and even more: signature drinks, selected dealcoholized wine and 30 sorts of craft-beer with no alcohol in it.

affordable! noalcoholic in Berlin.

So if you’re in Berlin and need a special evening out this is the place. This will become your favourite spot in the city. So, are you looking for noalcoholic and local? Well, some people say that refined, funny or berlin-based pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also zerobooze, recommendatory or outstanding.

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But today it is more about noalcoholic, yummy or genial. Take a leap to the noalcoholic soberbar!

noalcoholic soberbar in Berlin - nonalcoholic bar Berlin