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Hi there! We craft beautiful alcohol-free bar experience with over 50 non-alcoholic beers and wines on our menu. Interested? Scroll down to know more! Just go for nonalcoholic, nice and minimalistic. In the center of Berlin. Our menu is a whole new ball game. A creative laboratory of new flavours and textures made by professional mixologists. We offer over fifty alcohol-free drinks in our menu. We love to seduce you with a new booze-free nightlife experience.

sharp! nonalcoholic in Berlin.

Be a part of the community. Stop by at our bar and taste new alcohol-free drinks. No hangover. No empty calories. More endorphins from laughing and connecting with mindful people. More energy the next day. So, are you looking for nonalcoholic and resting? Well, some people say that noalcohol, restful or zerobooze pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also healthy, easy-going or peaceful.

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... ritically, skeptically, and without prejudice. This whole treatise, the reader will now be aware, turns continually upon the inquiry as to whether anything opposes the moderate use of good alcoholic drinks, and as to whether there is anything in favour of such use of them. We shall consider in two separate ...

But today it is more about nonalcoholic, fancy or calming. Take a leap to the nonalcoholic soberbar!

nonalcoholic soberbar in Berlin - nonalcoholic bar Berlin